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《當濱百合繁花時》– 瞬間對話/三陸福島/2011-2013







香港獨立攝影展覽空間The Salt Yard將會2014年3月1日至4月13日期間,展出由日本青年攝影師田代一倫(Kazutomo TASHIRO)的作品《當濱百合繁花時》,田代從2011年4月15日起不斷訪問日本「311大地震」的主要受災地 – 位於日本東北部的三陸和福島地區,他採用邊與當地居民聊天邊拍照的手法,拍攝了數目龐大的肖像,最終成為一系列的作品。











1980年出生於日本福岡縣北九州市八幡。九州產業大學研究所藝術研究系攝影專業畢業。曾經獲得2006年度第七期上野彦馬獎、同年度三木淳獎鼓勵獎。從2006年致力於創辦及運作位於福岡的「Asia Photographers’ Gallery」,積極發表在自己家鄉八幡等拍攝的作品。2010年,將創作據點移到東京「Photographers’ Gallery」並繼續深造。以分別於2012年到13年每個季節舉辦的個展《當濱百合繁花時》,獲得2013年相模原攝影新人鼓勵獎項。該系列作品同年11月由「里山社」出版成攝影集《當濱百合繁花時 – 三陸、福島 2011~2013年》。




When Coast Lilies are in Blossom – momentary dialogues in Sanriku and Fukushima, 2011-2013

by Kazutomo TASHIRO

1 Mar - 13 Apr, 2014


Co-curated by Yosuke ISHIZUKA



The Salt Yard, an independent art space, will exhibit When Coast Lilies are in Blossom by Japanese photographer Kazutomo Tashiro between March 1 and April 13, 2014. Since April 15, 2011, Tashiro has visited Sanriku and Fukushima in Japan, where are impacted by the 3/11 Earthquake.  Talking with residents while taking their pictures, he assembled a large amount of portraits that were finally developed into a series.
In 2012, Tashiro travelled to a lot of places, including the coastal and inland areas. And he drew his focus on different places and peoples according to the change of seasons. In spring, it is residents in temporary housing. In summer, it is people in the prosperous red light districts in northeastern parts of Japan. In autumn, it is residents in Futaba who are forced to evacuate due to radiation. In winter, it is workers in the first Fukushima nuclear plant.
In 2013, Tashiro was determined to revisit the places he visited the previous year again. Implicating the wheel of life, this exhibition will showcase his works between 2011 when the earthquake occurred and the spring of 2013. Tashiro was responding to the ever-changing situation in the quake zone. And during the process, he was having dialogue with himself continuously.


When images of the 3/11 Earthquakes were all about crumbling walls and dilapidated houses in the media, Tashiro redefined camera as a tool for communication. These plain, spontaneous portraits and ordinary, daily conversation offer a feeling that people in these pictures are living right in front of the eyes of the audiences. The focus of the audience is brought back to concern about people and allow us to have a more vivid recognition over the situation in northeastern parts of Japan after the quake.


A reception will be held between 6pm to 8pm on 1st March. Tashiro will attend and host a seminar to share his stories during the three-year shooting in northeastern parts of Japan between 4pm and 5.30pm. Member of the public are welcome.    


About Kazutomo TASHIRO


Born in Hachiman, Kitakyushu City of Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan in 1980. Tashiro graduated from photography major at Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University. He is the winner of the 7th Ueno Hikoma Award and Miki Jun Inspiration Award in 2006. Tashiro is also a founder of Asian Photographers’ Gallery in Fukuoka, started from 2006, where he made numerous works regarding his hometown Hachiman. In 2010, he moved his base to Photographers’ Gallery in Tokyo. He won a Photo City Sagamihara New Figure Encouragement Prize in 2013, with his four-season successive solo shows When Hamayuris are in Blossom, exhibited from 2012 to 2013. The same series of works has published as a book titled When Hamayuris are in Blossom - Sanriku, Fukushima 2012~2013, by Satoyamasha.  

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