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「The Salt Yard」是一個以攝影圖像作品為主的獨立藝文展覽空間,以非商業性質運作,我們相信攝影媒介在作為大眾基本的溝通語言日益普遍之時,更需要一個提供深層思考的交流平台 。「The Salt Yard」將會定期挑選一些本地及海外攝影師的作品展出,嘗試從各種風格或流派的作品中,探討現今世界的生存狀態,不同地域的生活文化,及對各種意識形態的啟示。除展覽外我們也會作為一個非主流攝影刊物的銷售點,當中包括一些攝影師自主出版的攝影集,都是在本地主流書店鮮有機會發現,期望能讓公眾有更多機會接觸到這些充滿個性的攝影刊物。

「The Salt Yard」希望籍此呈現當代攝影文化中廣闊的光譜 ,並希望為攝影媒介中的各種範疇如視覺語言及序事形式等,探索種種的可能性,令觀眾對當代攝影趨勢有著更深入的瞭解。

“The Salt Yard” is an independent art space dedicated to photography. Operating on a non-profiting making basis, we believe a platform is needed for people to share their deep thoughts on photography whilst photography is becoming a common language among the public nowadays.

On a regular basis, “The Salt Yard” will handpick works of local and overseas photographers to exhibit. Through these exhibitions, we aspire to explore the lives of the contemporary world, the living cultures of different territories and the inspirations from various ideologies.

Other than holding exhibitions, “The Salt Yard” will also become a sales point of lesser-known photography publications, including photobooks publicized by some photographers with their own funding. Rarely these publications can be found in major bookshops, we hope the public can have more chances to be exposed to these publications, which are full of character.

“The Salt Yard” hopes to illustrate the board spectrum of contemporary photography culture and explore the many possibilities in the many areas of photography such as visual language and narrative so that the audience can have a deeper understanding into the trend of contemporary photography.

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