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《 Vajrayāna 》– 黃勤帶攝影集發佈會暨分享會





時間:7-9 pm 






網上獨立攝影書店The Salt Yard將主辦由香港資深紀實攝影師黃勤帶出版的新攝影集《Vajrayāna》的新書發佈會,該書為他繼2011年出版廣受好評的攝影集《廣場的日子》後的最新作品,除新書發佈外黃勤帶亦會為大家分享這廿多年來入藏的經歷和創作歷程,歡迎公眾參與。





黄勤帶,一九五七年出生於香港離島大嶼山。七十年代開始從事新聞及報導攝影工作。曾於日本修讀攝影課程。《89 廣場的日子》攝影集完成後,鏡頭轉向香港、澳門殖民地最後光景,以及喜瑪拉雅山藏區。最新的攝影項目包括日本 3.11 東北大震災及褔島。現為自由攝影師,居於日本及香港。攝影集包括:《89 廣場的日子》、《填海記》、《千禧面譜:英國華人長者黑白攝影集》,以及《香港地》。

















Vajrayāna︱攝影:黃勤帶︱ISBN 978-988-13118-1-8︱152 mm x 204 mm︱264頁︱172張黑白圖片︱黑白雙色調精印|語言:中英對照|印數:500本|出版:慣性出版



Vajrayāna – a new photobook by photographer Kan Tai Wong

Book launch cum artist sharing session


Topic of the Talk: “From Tiananmen Square to the Himalayas” 

Date: 10 June 2016  (Friday)

Time: 7 – 9 PM  

Speaker: Kan Tai Wong

Venue: room #7, 3/F, Comix Home Base, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Venue location:動漫基地/@22.2773074,114.1766998,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x425f853070820da2?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi5tbb2leDMAhUgR48KHa7AAxUQ_BIIejAL


Talk will be conducted in Cantonese. Free admission.


The Salt Yard, an Independent online bookstore, will host a ceremony to mark the launch of a new book Vajrayāna by veteran documentary photographer Kan Tai Wong. This new album is Kan Tai’s latest work published after the well-received ’89 Tiananmen. Members of the public are welcomed to join the event in which Kan Tai will share his creative process of his works and experience of traveling in Tibet for more than 20 years.

Travelled to Tibet for the very first time in 1991 through the dangerous Sichuan-Tibet Highway to experience the unique culture of Tibetans, Kan Tai has since developed an indissoluble bond to the area. His footprints reached the territories of India, Nepal and the Himalayas, as well as the whole Tibetan diaspora.

The many journeys over the past two decades epitomized not only Kan Tai's religious pursuit but also his exploration of spiritual expression in images. Obsessed with silver gelatin black and white photography, sunshine on a plateau, texture and breath of soil, dark skins of Tibetans all come to life through his camera. Vajrayāna witnesses the photographer’s spiritual path and showcases his distinctive view of the world that insights and inspirations will be revealed to readers.  


About Kan Tai Wong

Kan Tai Wong was born in Lantau Island, Hong Kong in 1957. He joined the Hong Kong Press in the late 1970s and started his long career as a photojournalist. He studied photography in the Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics. His photographic collections published include ’89 Tiananmen, Beijing Story, Land Reclaim and Hong Kong Walled City 2002 – 2007. Wong now lives in Japan and Hong Kong and works as a freelance photographer.


Book information















Vajrayāna︱Photographs by Kan Tai Wong︱ISBN 978-988-13118-1-8︱152 mm x 204 mm︱264 Pages︱172 B&W plates︱Duotone offset printing|Language: Chinese and English|Edition: 500 copies|Published by inertia books


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