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<b>*Juror’s Special Mention in Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2018</b>


As a woman brought up in China, I used to think I could only love someone who is older and more mature than me, who can be my protector and mentor. Then I met my current boyfriend, Moro. Since he is 5 years younger than me, I felt that whole concept of relationships changed, all the way around. I became the person who has more authority &amp; power. One of my male friends even questioned how I could choose a boyfriend the way a man would choose a girlfriend. And I thought, "Damn right. That's exactly what I'm doing, &amp; why not!"


I started to experiment with this relationship. I would set up all kinds of situations for Moro and I to perform in the photos. My photos explore the alternative possibilities of heterosexual relationships. They question what is the norm of heterosexual relationships. What will happen if man &amp; woman exchange their roles of sex &amp; roles of power. Because my boyfriend is Japanese, and I am Chinese, this project also describes a love and hate relationship.


This project is an ongoing project which grows with our real relationship but is never meant to be a documentation.


<i>About the Artist</i>

Pixy Liao was born and raised in Shanghai, China, Pixy Liao is an artist currently resides in Brooklyn.She is a recipient of NYFA Fellowship in photography, En Foco's New Works Fellowship and LensCulture Exposure Awards.












她是NYFA攝影獎學金、En Foco's New Works獎學金和LensCulture Exposure Awards等的獲得者。


<b>Experimental Relationship Vol.1/實驗性關係 Vol.1| Pixy Liao/廖逸君|168mm × 260mm × 15mm|160 pages, 77 color photos|Softcover|Edition: 500 copies|Published by Jiazazhi Press|May 2018</b>


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