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《詩山河考》– 塔可攝影作品展



香港獨立攝影展覽空間The Salt Yard將會在4月6日至6月2日期間,展出內地年青攝影師塔可的作品《詩山河考》系列,此為塔可首個在港舉辦的個人展覽。塔可深受源自青銅器時期的詩集《詩經》的啟發,自2010年起開始創作《詩山河考》這一攝影系列。為籌備這個創作項目,塔可花了一年時間鑽研《詩經》的文字以及大量的研究資料,他根據《詩經》中提到的地名構思了一個路線計劃,親身造訪了這些地點。他以獨特的黑白攝影語言,用高銳度低反差的灰階呈現,建構出一種介乎於二維和三維的視覺世界,來呼應《詩經》的創作手法。關於這一深奧的主題,塔可說道:「我希望建構一種穩定而又牢固的結構,同時與「詩」本身的結構在某些層面可以形成互文,把文學性的意義推到一個遙遠而又陌生的世界。使這些無形而神秘的東西進入現實之中,來剖析這個負載著無數可能性的範本。」




塔可,1984年出生於山東青島。 2003年起在中央美術學院學習。 2005年赴美國紐約,次年就讀於羅切斯特理工學院(Rochester Institute of Technology)攝影系。 2008年轉讀紐約藝術學生聯盟(Art Students League of New York),進入Ronnie Landfield工作室。 2010年他以《詩經》為創作背景的《詩山河考》系列獲得美國Hey,Hot Shot!新銳攝影師獎和連州國際攝影年展傑出藝術家獎,2011年入選為TOP20中國當代攝影新銳之一,作品被多個公共機構以及個人收藏,現為自由攝影師,生活、工作於中國和美國兩地。



“Odes” – a solo exhibition by Taca

6 Apr, 2013 – 2 Jun, 2013

The Salt Yard, an independent arts space dedicated to photography, will showcase Odes by Taca Sui from April 6 to June 2. This is the first ever solo exhibition of Sui in Hong Kong. Inspired by the Book of Odes (Shi Jing), the celebrated collection of Chinese poems and songs dating back to the Bronze Age, Sui has been working on this photographic series since 2010. He first spent a year immersed in the classic text and the many extensive researches. Basing on places named in the text, he then worked out an itinerary and visited these places one by one in person. In order to echo the artistic technique of the Book of Odes, Sui created a visual world lying between two and three dimensions with his unique black and white photography. Regarding this profound and abstruse topic, Sui said, “I hope to construct a stable and concrete structure that can establish intertextuality with the structure of poems in some ways. I want to drive the meaning of literature to a remote and strange world so that these shapeless and mysterious stuff can enter into reality, to dissect this model which carries endless possibilities.”


An opening reception of the exhibition will be held between 6pm to 8pm on April 5. Sui will attend the ceremony; he will also share his creative ideas between 4pm and 6pm in a sharing session on April 6. Member of the public are welcomed.

Biography of Taca Sui

Born in Tsingtao in 1984, Sui studied in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Went to New York in 2005, he studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology the next year. In 2008, he transferred to the Art Students League of New York and entered the workshop of Ronnie Landfield. In 2010, his photographic series – Odes, inspired by the Book of Odes, won him the Hey Hot Shot award in the US and the Photographer of the Year Award in the Lianzhou International Photography Festival. He was chosen as the Top 20 Chinese Contemporary Young Photographer in 2011. His works have been collected by public institutions and individuals. As a freelance photographer, Sui now lives and works in China as well as the US.

His personal website:

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